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Devgad Hapoos (Alphonso Mango)

“Alphonso” is the king of mangoes, and Devgad Hapoos is a special of its kind. This fruit is also honored in the ancient script for its great nutritive value. Besides its taste, the noble appeal and feel stand Alphonso superior to other range of mangoes. We, the Indian can’t imagine letting Mango season go without tasting Alphonso. Our tradition has imparted like-ledness towards smelling the favorite Mango dishes. To every one of us, the hospitality of guests by favoring special treat of with Alphonso keeps sweet memories behind a happy family. So as many of us gift basketful of mangos to dealers, friends, and relatives. Kids especially lure towards the taste of Alphonso; keeping their otherwise favorite candies and chocolates away, they succumb to test of mangos so do adults. We strive for the taste for yearlong until the fruit of king arrives during summer.  For the rest of the time in the off-season, our taste buds keep it admiring eating mango flavored confectionaries and similar drinks.

There are nearly 1000 varieties of Mangoes found in India but very few are commercially grown. The majority of about 100 to 150 named varieties of mango are grown in Devgad, Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri districts of Maharashtra. Mangoes can be round, oval or long and the fruit's color can vary from green to yellow-orange, while saffron color Alphonso always stands high. Mangoes are picked up from the farms when they are grown at their normal size and when tender ripe their color changes from normal green to slight reddish from the top. When removed from the tree mangoes are ripened at room temperature for three to five days. In the local market, they are sold in retail rate and also as per demand transported to major cities in India and abroad packed in boxes with gap filler straws. Mango pulp is used in making syrup; adding to Hapoos barfi. Hapoos is used to make sweets, candies, and smoothies like mango milkshake, Mango Lassi. Several other famous traditional dishes derived from mangos are Aamba-wadi, Aam-ras, Sakhar amba. etc.