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Weight and Gradation of Alphonso mangoes

Mango, the king of fruits is heavenly delicious, tasty and aromatic fruit. Mangoes are so sweet, fleshy and juicy fruit that anyone would want to relish on them. There would be hardly anyone who would not like mangoes especially Alphonso mangoes. Indian mangoes are so really good that not only Indians but also people abroad are fans of these mangoes. The Indian climate is so perfect for the growth of mangoes that with the mango season on mangoes are seen plenty in India. There are over 100 varieties of mangoes in India itself. Each mango has its own flavour, shape, size and texture.

People wait for the season so that they can eat these delicious yummy mangoes. There are many people who would like to gift these sweet mangoes to their friends and family who live far. Now there are many companies who have their websites made available where you can place the orders and your gift will be delivered to your dear ones in no time. You can choose any variety of mangoes from the website that are mainly Alponso.

‘Bappa Fruits’ also offers such a service where you can place your orders on the website. But, what makes ‘Bappa fruits’ different from others? The answer is very simple fair and honest pricing that too not compromising on the quality of the mangoes supplied. When you place your order for mangoes you can be sure that they will be fresh, delicious and particularly the quality of mangoes.

  • The mangoes are naturally ripened and are chemical free. Each fruit is handpicked and checked thoroughly for any cuts or bruises and graded. Mangoes are strictly graded as per their weight but there will be no change in its quality or taste.
  • Here the team of experts manually weight each and every mango and pack them accordingly. The gradation and weighting process takes place when the mangoes are green immediately after harvesting. The weight of the mangoes reduces during the ripening process and also the delivery period due to the moisture loss.
  • Mangoes are graded with Devgad Grande(Grade A) if it weighs between 301 to 325 grams. Others which weighs 276 -300 grams are given Devgad Royale(Grade 1), Devgad Prestige(Grade 2) weighs between 251- 275 grams, Devgad Elegance(Grade 3) weighs between 226 -250 grams.(Gradation will be changes according to season and as per the availability of the Alphonso.) You can place the order as per your choice. These selected mangoes are packed in special well ventilated carton boxes and properly sealed so that they reach their destination without any damage.
  • Bappa Fruits’ Android app also adds up to your pleasure of enjoying mangoes. Apart from enabling instant ordering through the app, it also gives the specific details of the orchards from where the mangoes are provided. In short, you will know the exact location of mangoes you are enjoying. Once the order is placed the mango boxes reach their destination within 2-4 days in Pune, 2-5 days in Maharashtra except Pune and 2-7 days in India except Maharashtra.

Isn’t it a great way to spend your summer in a royal way with naturally ripen and the best quality mangoes. You can also gift and surprise your loved ones or friends with a basket full of the eternal sweetness of Devgad Hapoos. Just log on to the website and order mangoes of your choice and gift them to your loved ones.

weighting process

gradation process

gradation process

gradation process

gradation process

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