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Posted by in on May 13, 2014 .

Mangoes are seasonal fruits and are so tasty and delicious in its way. The taste of mangoes cannot be compared with any other fruit; hence they are rightly called as the King of Fruits. We all know each fruit has a special way to be cut and eaten and so do mangoes.

Most of us like to eat ripe fresh juicy mangoes in order to enjoy its taste you need to cut them and eat them as they should be. The mangoes have smooth, shiny and slippery skin making it difficult to hold them while cutting. With a little care and caution anyone can master the art of cutting the mangoes. There are different ways to cut and eat mangoes.

Wash the...

Posted by in on May 13, 2014 .

Have you heard the old saying, ‘Making hay while sunshines’? It is the same we are doing when we think of preserving mangoes. When there are mangoes in abundance we always think of ways to preserve them as we all know that they easily get spoiled. Most of us woul be wondering on how to preserve mangoes. Here is some information which can show you ways to preserve mangoes.

• Always store mangoes in cool and dry place- If you want to ripen the mangoes you will have to keep them stored in a cool, dry and dark place. It is an age old technique to place raw mangoes in rice bags and stored in a cool and dark place. This technique...

Posted by in on May 13, 2014 .

Indeed mangoes are king of fruits but people who go for buying fruits are often confused when they go for buying mangoes. They feel choosing a good mango is a tricky job. Is it really a tricky job? It is quite alright to be confused with mangoes as there are more than 100 varieties of mangoes available within India. Hence, you need to be a bit careful when you go shopping for fruits especially mangoes. You have to keep all your senses open when choosing mangoes. Let us see how to choose a good mango that you can eat and enjoy this season.

• Touch and feel- It is very important to touch and feel the mangoes to make sure that you...

Posted by in on May 13, 2014 .

Want to have a slim and fabulous figure as one of the Hollywood heroines? Here is good news for all the mango lovers out there. Have you ever imagined that eating your favourite fruit can help you stay thin and fit? Well, here it goes, mangoes can help you to reduce your weight, but you have to eat the skin which you normally throw away. Studies have revealed that the photochemicals in the mango skin act as natural fat busters.

We all know that mango the king of fruits has more nutrition in it than any other fruits may have. A fresh mango as a snack can help you to keep full. It has also been found that mangoes don’t even have 1...

Posted by in on Apr 29, 2013 .

Mangoes are the favourite fruit for most of the people and we wait for the mango season. The mangoes are much in need that people are ready to buy mangoes at any price. Are you sure that the mangoes you buy at such huge price are good?

A few days before we have read in the newspaper, warning the mango lovers to be careful when buying mangoes. The reason for it is that the mangoes that are sold are chemically treated.

So as to cater to the increasing demands of ripe mangoes the mango sellers seek the help of chemicals to make them ready for selling. It has been found that tons of mangoes were distributed in to various parts of...

Posted by in on Apr 29, 2013 .

Dry fruits like almonds, cashew nuts walnuts are very tasty as well as nutritious. When we see these dry fruits we all think ‘is there any way we can make and eat mangoes just like dry fruits?’ Many people look for ways to preserve mangoes and they must be wondering how to keep their favourite fruit for a long time. Here is good news that you can preserve the ripe juicy mangoes by drying them. There are many ways to dry mangoes and use it the same way as dry fruits. The mango pieces can be dehydrated and it is known as dried mangoes. It is a way to preserve the mangoes and you can enjoy them even after the
mango season.

Posted by in on Apr 18, 2013 .

Mangoes are so yummy that we don’t pay much attention on how to cut them. It would be shocking to know that many people don’t buy mangoes for the simple reason that they don’t know to peel them. Let us see here how to peel and cut them. There are actually two ways to cut a mango.

Let us look into the first way

  • To cut the mango use a knife that is really sharp, you can use the knife which you use to cut bread.
  • Hold the mango carefully and cut both its cheeks or the fattest part.
  • Now take one of the slice and make shallow cuts with a small knife.
  • Once the shallow cuts are made, press the back side of...

Posted by in on Apr 18, 2013 .

Mango season is here and we see people eating mangoes and buying mangoes from the fruit vendors. I am shocked to see many new vendors have come with cartons of mangoes and set up a small stall in the all most all the nook and corners of the city. This gives us a picture of how many mangoes are being brought and consumed by the people. But do we make sure that we buy the right kind of fruit? Are we handling it in the right way? Here are some tips that you can keep in mind when you go for buying the mangoes next time.

Some Dos

  • When you go for buying the mangoes make sure that you buy mangoes that have good aroma at their...
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